Buffet Crampon Intermediate Oboe
This instrument was bought, lightly used, five years ago. It has a full conservatory key system including the third octave key. The body is made of grenadilla wood, and has a synthetic liner to keep it from cracking. It was played it in Alaska’s dry, cold climate for several years and impressively had no issues of cracking. It is in excellent condition, and was fully serviced in August 2019.


Seller says: "This was a great oboe for my time as a high school oboist, but I was gifted a new oboe as a high school graduation gift, and for this reason I’m looking to sell this oboe so it can continue to be played rather than sit in my closet."


Seller is happy to answer any questions you may have. If interested my email is antoniabarela@icloud.com

Buffet Oboe

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  • This instrument is located in Los Angeles. Local pick-up preferred but not required. Shipping costs will be negotiated separately with seller.