This Yamaha Advantage Bb clarinet used by a talented young student for 3 years.


A beautiful instrument for the dedicated student. Great for beginners, but still keeps up with the advancing intermediate student. Many plastic instruments are shiny and look plastic, but the Advantage has a semi-matte finish that looks more like the wooden clarinets made by Yamaha. Pads are also designed to withstand temperature and humidity changes as well as the tough playing habits of our younger students.

This instrument does need a little attention as it has not been played in a couple of years. Buyers need to be aware that the condition of the instrument is not perfect and will need maintenance. A professional clarinetist evaluated this instrument and recommended an adjustment. Sellers are aware the condition of the instrument, but are motivated to sell.

Includes clean cotton (washable) swab, polishing cloth, and a Yamaha 4C Mouthpiece.


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Yamaha Bb Clarinet YCL-200AD

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